Tropical, pineapple and berries

Burundi Full Noise Single Origin

  • Tasting Notes: Tropical, pineapple, & berries
    Province: Muyinga
    Varietal: Red Bourbon
    Process: Natural
    Recipes: Espresso: 1:2.5   |   Filter: 1:17

    We are excited to showcase some really exciting coffees from Burundi this year. And this coffee is no exception. This coffee is made up of over 1800 farms, it is a coffee produced at the joyful Ngogomo Washing Station. There's a song that the workers at Ngogomo washing station sing. It tells the story of the washing station manager, Chief Windora; a charismatic, but stern man, who didn't suffer fools gladly. It tells the story of the chief falling in love, how he softened, and became kinder. If you ever visit Ngogomo, you'll hear all of the workers singing, “Chief Windora EEEEEHHHH” loud and clear.

    Roasting days: Proud Mary roast Monday-Friday during normal business hours. To ensure freshness of coffee, best to order early in the week as postal services and couriers do not operate on weekends. 

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