Buttery, caramel, creme brûlée, silky mouthfeel, peach, balanced.

Angel Wings Blend

  • Notes: Buttery, caramel, creme brûlée, silky mouthfeel, peach, balanced.

    Region: Central America
    Process: Washed

    Recipes:  Espresso: 1:2.5   |   Filter: 1:17

    Angel Wings blend is all about the big buttery caramels, toffee and butterscotch tones. It pairs great with milk and is delicious black - it’s a real crowd pleaser! Its’ profile is designed to be approachable and easy to use, with its’ taste remaining constant throughout the year.

    At Proud Mary we utilise only fresh seasonal coffees direct from producers. Angel Wings is made up of blend components from our good friends in Central America. Our close relationships with our farmers, means that we can get our hands on what we think are some of the best coffees around. Supporting Angel Wings ensures the viability of the complete coffee purchasing cycle and our direct relationships with coffee producers around the world.

    Roasting days: Proud Mary roast Monday-Friday during normal business hours. To ensure freshness of coffee, best to order early in the week as postal services and couriers do not operate on weekends.